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Its no doubt that “startups” are all the rage due to romanticisms from movies such as The Social Network or TV shows like Silicon Valley. No doubt that entrepreneurship has its highlights, but there is a great deal of information to be learned about the low times in running your own business venture as well. I think that confiding in others or at least hearing about the hardships that other entrepreneurs are going through helps at least keep our expectations grounded in reality. For me, personally, it helps hearing other peoples’ stories when business is dry or I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed about what this month’s sales numbers are going to look like (or whether I can afford to buy name brand Ramen).

So, to cut the cruft, I’ve compiled a list of a few podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. These podcasters don’t just highlight when their growth curves are up and to the right, they highlight the low-lights on entrepreneurship regarding hiring challenges, business and marketing challenges, family challenges and much much more.

Startups For the Rest of Us

The Startups For the Rest of Us podcast features Rob Walling and Mike Taber. It is a non-interview podcast and many episodes feature Rob and Mike talking about topics that listeners have asked about. They even have a voicemail line where you can call in and ask questions about anything related to entrepreneurship. They also keep podcast episodes nice and bite-sized in length (just under 30 minutes mostly) so you can keep busy! Rob’s theory on micropreneurship is just plain genius!


No, its not a drug store! Its a podcast hosted by the great Omer Khan. This podcast is interview based, but Omer knows just what questions to ask in order to get the most out of each interview. His guests are in a wide array of industries, but don’t let that discourage you. The interview format is great at distilling the conversation down to relevant information no matter where you’re at in your business development cycle. Give it a listen, Omer is great.


This is one of the “bigger time” podcasts, but I couldn’t leave it out! Andrew Warner hosts the Mixergy podcast and interviews all sorts of entrepreneurs who have founded successful companies. Andrew is great at getting the “how they did it” information in his interviews and I often walk away from each episode with a clear and concise list of action items for my own business. The content is that good.


I’m going to be adding more and more podcasts to this list as I find them. If you have any you’d like to add, drop me a line or comment below! Information is power! Now get back to work!

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