Ramen Budget Startup Day 4 of 7 – Product Website

Well, our product website is up at http://leadpilot.co!

leadpilot landing page

The task for Day 4 of the 7 day Ramen Budget Startup Challenge was to create a simple sales website for our product. It doesn’t need to be complex, it just has to effectively convey the value that we’re offering our potential customers and guide them to sign up. It is very easy to go down the rabbit-hole and set up a WordPress site, add a ton of widgets and popups that won’t really drive sales. The idea is to do as little as possible to create an effective sales site and get back to hustling as quickly as possible.

Technology & Theme

For our site, we’re using WordPress with the Zerif Lite theme. We chose WordPress because we’re very familiar with it and it is easy to get up and running. Zerif Lite was found just by searching Google for landing page themes. It is responsive and was easy to strip down so that we have our one page sales page. Responsiveness comes cheap nowadays, and with search engines potentially penalizing websites for not being mobile-friendly, there’s no excuse not to do it.

The Design Approach

For this particular experiment, I decided to try something different and not have your typical “coming soon” page, but a fleshed out value proposition, pricing table and signup link. I figured that if I measure the impact and number of impressions on the pricing page, that may give us a sense of more qualified leads since they potentially signaled a greater intent to buy. Of course, with a 7 day startup, this is all a hypothesis.

Collecting Emails

Collect emails wherever possible. At first, I thought I would just have the register links on the home page forward to a blob of “coming soon, but check back later” text. I ended up tossing this idea because people really have short attention spans. You can use something like Drip to place a popup widget or embedded form on your site, but a free WordPress plugin to catalog email addresses is just fine for now!

Never underestimate the power of an email list (or cheese, for that matter). It is one of the best ways to target highly qualified leads. In fact, thats the type of value proposition that LeadPilot centers itself around!


Landing page… check!

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about marketing the business! This is really where the rubber meets the road, and we’d appreciate any feedback from the community!


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