The Wizard Blocks Begins

Back in 2013 I had finished my previous Pinball 2000 game (Demolition Man 2000). It had just enough 90’s cheese to warrant a retheme and I loved every minute of building it. In fact, I met some great people during the build process as many of them volunteered to do things like electrical work or wood fabrication.

It was time to consider what the next title might be. I own several Pat Lawlor games because they were the ones that I grew up playing in the arcades back in the 90s. I found out about the last Pat Lawlor game on the drawing board before Williams pinball closed their doors in 1999: Wizard Blocks. I scoured the internet trying to read all that I could about this machine. There were only six whitewoods in existence and they were all in various stages. There was only one known mechanically complete whitewood in existence, and it belongs to a private collector on the other side of the country from me.

So the only option left was to dig through the internet and the pinball community to find out as much as I possibly could about the game, or at least where it stood when Williams pulled the plug on pinball.

I will be chronicling the build process here and cross posting on Pinside where relevant.

Stay tuned!

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