86Pixels Partners with Multimorphic Inc for P3’s Next Generation Operating System

86Pixels reached an agreement today with Multimorphic Inc, an Austin-based pinball manufacturer, to ship the company’s P3 game platform with Pinix as the underlying operating system. The P3 is a modular pinball platform that allows players to play multiple pinball games in one single package. The platform also offers game designers unprecedented features in terms of playfield artwork, interactivity and display. It features a large display with Multimorphic’s proprietary ball tracking technology, fully accelerated 3D graphics at 1080p resolution, and multiple physical playfield modules so gameplay never tires.

Pinix gives game designers and manufacturers more options through a low compute-intensive design and a broad range of compatibility with hardware vendors. The integration also powers on-playfield features such as the large format LCD display on Cannon Lagoon as well as the mini LCD seen on Lexi Lightspeed.

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