Rick and Morty Pinball Ships HD Video with 86Pixels Technology

Spooky Pinball has announced its next pinball game, Rick and Morty. The license is the company’s most ambitious title ever and it pays a great tribute to the theme. When coming up with what had to be in the game, creative director David Van Es absolutely said HD video had to be a component in the overall design. Up to this point video was shipping in games running the Pinix operating system. However often times video was rescaled at run-time to save on system resources. However, for this project 86Pixels developed a multi-core capable video processing engine, something never done before in the game design team’s preferred language (Python).

86Pixels has provided optimizations and run-times for Unity3d based games, however they generally incur a higher systems bill-of-material cost, and you can only run them on x86 hardware unless you’re running Android. For this, the company wanted the freedom to change processors, so we chose to develop backend modules in C.

We’re excited to see where this game goes. It has resonated extremely well with consumers in and outside of the pinball segment, with all 750 units being sold in within hours of the announcement.

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