Who the heck is Jimmy Lipham?

It's-a me! Well, long story short, thats me.  I’m a software architect living in Austin and loving it!  I serve a variety of industries ranging from the fin-tech space to the coin operated amusement industry.  I love what I do, and I only do what I love.

I’m also an aspiring entrepreneur focusing on the bootstrapped software space.  While I appreciate the love that shows like “Silicon Valley” get, I think the image is just a bit too far askew, and many aspects of the founder journey have been romanticized.  I love building software, not slide decks, so you probably won’t see me attending TechCrunch disrupt, applying for VC funding, or trying to get into Y-Combinator.  However, there are plenty of other sites about founders focusing on that!

Things I do:

  • I’m a software architect by day, and a product builder by night.  I primarily work on real-time and embedded operating system design for cool people like Multimorphic and Spooky Pinball
  • I am married to my beautiful wife, Alana and have a lovely dog, Stark
  • I build crazy electronic contraptions like pinball machines
  • I contribute to a variety of open source projects on GitHub

Contact Me:

  • You can email me at hello at the domain that you’re currently viewing this blog on
  • You can give me a shout on Twitter, I’m @jimmylipham, and if you want, you can follow me for random tidbits