86Pixels serves a number of industries. No matter what the application, we’re here to solve problems utilizing a wide array of technologies. If we don’t have the talent in-house to cover every aspect of the project, we’ll partner knowledgeable people in order to complete your project on time and within budget.


Web & Mobile Applications / SaaS

We have developed a number of applications for web and mobile platforms. Many of these platforms were designed to be re-sold to customers, so we’re very familiar with creating an ideal end-user experience while also ensuring sustainability and maximum flexibility within your existing software systems.

Services that we provide within this industry include:

  • Web and mobile application programming
  • MeteorJS application development
  • MongoDB application development
  • NodeJS application development (Express)
  • PHP application development (Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP)
  • MySQL application development
  • Python application development
  • C/C++ application development (Embedded, STL)
  • iTunes/Google Play application distribution
  • Cloud infrastructure consulting and deployment (AWS, Google, DigitalOcean, Linode)
  • Continuous Integration and automated testing and deployment (Jenkins, Git, SVN, Cucumber, Protractor, NUnit, JUnit, Selenium)

Coin Operated Amusement / Embedded Devices

86Pixels has developed and partnered with a number of companies in the coin operated amusement space. These games range from redemption machines found in family entertainment centers across the world to mechanical pinball machines for commercial and personal use.

Services that we provide within this industry include:

  • Operating system programming
  • Hardware control system programming
  • 2D/3D asset creation
  • Sound/Music asset creation
  • Playfield/cabinet creation