PinVision for TRON


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PinVision for TRON is the latest in the PinVision series of mods.  Featuring animations from the award winning Stephen J. Silver, this package is sure to blow you away!

This mod features integrated HD video animations and graphics overlays for every mode and multiball in the game, including:

  • Light Cycle Multiball
  • Light Cycle Multiball Jackpots
  • Disc Multiball
  • Disc Multiball Jackpots
  • Portal Multiball
  • Portal Multiball Jackpots
  • Flynn’s Arcade
  • Terminate CLU
  • TRON Targets
  • ZUSE Targets
  • Extra Ball
  • Attract Mode

The installation process is simple and easy. Just unplug and remove the existing backboard using the 4 hex wood screws and replace with our backboard using the same mounting brackets and locations.  Most installations are done within an hour.  Our mod is completely reversible and doesn’t require you to alter your cabinet or playfield in any way!

NOTE FOR TRON LE OWNERS: This modification removes your moving recognizer as the unit replaces the entire backboard assembly.

INTERNATIONAL (Non U.S.) ORDERS: We do ship worldwide, just contact us with an address and phone number and we’ll invoice you via PayPal!


All orders of this product are shipped via UPS.

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