PinVision for Twilight Zone


The Pinvision Interactive Backboard Display is a special mod designed by us at 86Pixels for Twilight Zone!

Replace that plain backboard with a completely interactive and fully immersive LCD panel. Complete with custom graphics and videos for each mode, you’re sure to bring your game to a whole new level. Want to add your own spin? No problem, pop the SD card out of the control board and into your computer and replace the graphics or videos with the ones you want.

Most people install the mod within an hour, and the controller board fits right on top of your existing WPC sound board (standoffs included). We also support PinSound!

Voted one of the best mods in the 2021 TWIPY awards!

Each kit includes:

  • Custom cut display panel and star printed protector shield
  • All mounting hardware and cable harnesses
  • Controller board and software
  • Power supply (we switch on and off with the game automatically, with or without a dedicated service outlet!)

Installation instructions:


All orders of this product are shipped via UPS.

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