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Frequently Asked Questions

YES!  The 86Pixels Interactive Display System plugs right into the PinSound board and will allow your existing PinSound to operate without any interruption while providing full service to the display mod.

Unfortunately, the parts and programming are unique to each game title and cannot be transferred to different game titles.

Simply remove the MicroSD card from the control board in the backbox and place it into a Mac or PC.

There are two types of content that can be triggered and they are as follows:

  • Events
    Events are singular occurences in the game. For example, a Hitchhiker award or a spiral shot in Twilight Zone are events. They are different from modes in that they do not have a time limit and can occur at any point in the game.
  • Modes
    Modes are progressive events in the game. They have a defined time limit.

There are two folders at the root of the MicroSD card.  Events contains different game events sequences as defined above, and Modes contains different modes as defined above.

Simply place a PNG image or an mp4 video file in the appropriate folder and the game will take care of playing the given animation when the corresponding event/mode takes place.

Placing multiple images and/or videos in a given folder will cause the system to randomly pick one when the given event or mode occurs.